“Intimacy Journey” is a project, created by two Roman photographers, interested in the diversity of the cultural arena that inevitably affects the fashion fields. London creates a natural habitat for the springing of the variety of colours and languages, which in a unique way become almost universal.

In such a context it is principal to distinguish the individuality of one person. Starting from a single individual, our aim is to search the deeply hidden factors of the individual’s aesthetic, recreating a unique intimacy concealed inside a person.
Our base is the person, the person that extends beyound one human being and inadventently affects and integrates with people around.

Thinking of that, the project extends towards all the people engaged in this project. The result is an unconventionl sharing of experience that streches beyound the trends of two realities of Rome and London, but embraces the experience of the world as a whole.

Mia Le Journal embarks on the project dictating a style that extends far beyound the single cultural context, it becomes a meeting point between multiple “intimacies” that produce a universal language.


Photography Lisa Pepe & Valerio Vannicola

starring TAII G Premiere Model Management

Videographer Louise Gilles-Compagnon

Styling Kim Latieule

Make-up and hair styling MONNIE KAUR

develop and scan CAMERAWORKLONDON, CRE8STUDIO Music by GRINGO Maxime le Bail


Pleated chiffon with inlaid tube beads jumpsuit ZYANYA KEIZER, printed silk bustier top PYRUS WOOL, pinstripes wrapped skirt SUNCOO




Printed silk organza top with velvet hearth and ties on sleeve hem SABINNA, pin-stripped mix wool tailored wide leg cropped trousers DORUNTINA AZEMI

Checked quilted bomber MARIANA JUNGMANN, embroidered cotton skirt wear as a bustier top LES PETITES, corduroy trousers MASSCOB, boots model’s own

Cotton pique bomber with embroidered details front and back JEAN-PAUL GOUDE X LACOSTE, blouse with ruffles SUNCOO, printed silk organza jumpsuit with velvet ties SABINNA

Lace jacket PYRUS, velvet and tulle dress with embroidered patches details NAYA REA

Silk and lace top PYRUS, cotton dress with lace pattern embroidered MARIANA JUNGMANN

Multicolor tulle top TGCN, embroidered patches details skirt MARIANA JUNGMANN

– On the day of the shoot, Taii’s outfit was at the total opposite of the looks I had concocted for her. I wasn’t sure anymore that the delicate and paste vibes will work for her.
But thanks god I was wrong! she is an incredible versatile model who can channel anything and make it her own.

“Never judge a book by its cover”
Encapsulate Taii, as dark is her outfit as sweet and witty she is.
You might also think that she is some delicate girl, but boys, her studded perfect is heavier than you can imagine!
Remember this face, she will go far. –