Music platform Boiler Room is excited to announce an exclusive new two-part live performance video series in collaboration with Maison Valentino.

The exclusive collaboration will feature performance videos by talents CIFIKA and BIA making their official Boiler Room debut: South Korean singer and producer CIFIKA will perform a live version of “Kill me with your love” on 22nd December followed by Boston rapper BIA performing “Skate” on the 23rd December.

Seoul-based up-and-coming director Doori will capture CIFIKA on a mission to awaken the isolated city through her live performance, set against a cityscape backdrop.

“I’ve always lived the city life, constantly surrounded by the energy of the people and the city itself. I never imagined a day where I would be left alone or at least feel I’m alone in the middle of Seoul. We’re now living in a world where everyone is distanced, feeling isolated and lonely. The pandemic not only toned down the perks of living in a big city but also changed major norms in our lives. Even though I know the distance is for the best, as an artist I can only dream of performing again and feeling peoples’ energy. It was interesting to perform in the middle of this empty space and realising how precious our daily lives were before Covid. Of course, I was also excited to perform my favourite track ‘Kill me with your love’ from my album ‘HANA’, in the hopes of communicating my message of hope to those watching”


Meanwhile, Los Angeles-based Kevin Clark’s direction of BIA’s performance will cut through the darkness with a concept based on light. In a world of living remotely, BIA’s performance will also take place in open-air Los Angeles.

“Valentino is such a timeless brand that I’m so excited to be collaborating with on this show. I think it’s truly something special when you can mix iconic fashion with today’s music, and I’m so proud to be a part of that”


BIA and CIFIKA will wear the Valentino Diary Collection during their performances.
Maison Valentino and Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, choose to collaborate with talents that perfectly embody and represent what Valentino is and stands for, today.

Sets will be available to stream via