In the gray chaos of the city, a young woman has lost herself among the cement facades and the anonymity of busy streets. Tired of a life devoid of authenticity and depth, she feels an ancestral call that urges her towards the wild and uncontaminated nature. Through her journey towards primal essence, she embarks on a path of discovery and transformation. Every step she takes is an opportunity to surrender to the song of the trees and the infinite flow of time. Desiring to find refuge from the frenzy of modern life, the young woman ventures further into the welcoming embrace of Mother Earth, seeking truth and serenity. In the silent and ancestral embrace of nature, the girl experiences a sense of belonging and recognition. Finally finding the authentic meaning of life, she immerses herself in the deep harmony that manifests in the intertwining of the invisible threads connecting man to nature itself. Every leaf, every sunbeam, every breath of wind becomes an integral part of her new existence, offering a direct connection to the beating heart of the earth. In this process of merging with the spirit of nature, the young woman rediscovers herself and her lost authenticity. Reborn under the vast and ever-changing sky of the earth, she opens up to a new awareness and understanding of her own being. Every moment spent in communion with nature becomes an act of rebirth and regeneration, allowing her to fully embrace her destiny and dance in harmony with the eternal flow of life. In our short film, we embarked on a journey through the world of experimentation, blending traditional filming techniques with the innovation of artificial intelligence. The goal was to create a narrative shortcut, using futuristic and sterile techniques like AI to tell the beauty and essence of nature. We used artificial intelligence technologies to generate realistic and exciting nature images, thus challenging the boundaries between reality and imagination.



Directors Jacopo Gennari & Matteo Masali as Supernova 

Editor Supernova
Written by Supernova
Talent Marta Marghgidanu
Dop Francesco Avveduti Bartoli
Steadycam Mirco Passero and 1Ad Jonatha Tosi 1Ac Milos Rimini
Audio & sound design Luca Poletti
Hair and makeup artist Davide Perfetti
Stylist Serena Pompei
Color Correction Claudio Beltrami
AI art by Supernova