Buongiorno Rome Cavalieri

A special interview with

Ariana Rockefeller

Photography Danilo Falà @danilofala
Creative direction and fashion editing Federica Trotta Mureau @federicatrottamureau
Interview by Renata Gorreri
Dress ROMEO GIGLI, “le fleur en soie” special atelier collection

Some days ago Ariana was in Rome and Mia Le Journal’s team joined her for a shooting day in the fabulous Rome Cavalieri Hotel. As if it was an ordinary day, Ariana shows step by step her staying at the Hotel: waking up and calling the room service for breakfast, wearing different outfits for the day and walking through the corridors surrounded by velvet, marble and precious wood. Ariana’s mood is always harmonious: colours, styles, fabrics and aura.

I had the great opportunity to talk with her about what she loves, her family and her future plans.

Left page – Total look FENDI f/w 2021-22 – Right page – Total look VALENTINO f/w 2021-22

Renata Gorreri: Dear Ariana, your family is at its 7th generation. What is the secret of being still so united and always so successful?

Ariana Rockefeller: I believe our family has maintained a close bond through love and fellowship with each other. We share a bond in our commitment to uplift each other and our communities. I feel we try to serve Love both individually and collectively. God is Love.

Total look JUDY ZHANG, Shoes TRENTA7

R.G.: Does your family name give you a heavy sense of responsibility and too much exposure or rather the freedom to do what you want to do?

A.R.: I am who I am and it feels natural and honorable to me to carry the name and legacy. I serve and represent my family with love and joy.

Left page -Dress ROMEO GIGLI “le fleur en soie” special atelier collection, shoes TRENTA7 – Right page -Total look ARMANI f/w 2021-22


R.G.: The fashion industry and image making has been part of your life for years. You recently have been signed by Marilyn’s Agency Talent Division. Which kind of woman will you represent as a model?

A.R.: Here again: I am who I am and I feel happy to be a girl living my life with faith. I respect and love the creative genius in the fashion world. I’m excited to continue to work with the industry as a model currently signed with Select Models Milano and Marilyn Models NYC.

Left page -Total look VALENTINO – Right page -Dress ETRO f/w 2021-22, shoes PACIOTTI


R.G.: You began riding horses when you were three years old and won some competitions in show jumping. What emotions do horses and competition give you?

A.R.: I feel very connected to my horses and their bravery, nobility and natural beauty. The spirit of a horse is something I have been blessed to have in my life since I was young. Their presence is both powerful and gentle. I feel calm and happy being with my horses, they are my friends.

Left page -Dress ROMEO GIGLI “le fleur en soie” special atelier collection, shoes TRENTA7 – Right page -Dress ROMEO GIGLI “le fleur en soie” special atelier collection, shoes PACIOTTI


R.G.: You carry on with the philanthropic traditions of your grandparents linking business to art. Recently you were involved in the most important auction of the past years. How was to separate from some of your grandfather’s masterpieces?

A.R.: I was lucky to have been able to experience all the beauty, and history with my Grandfather and his collections. I hold those memories in my heart. My Grandfather was innately generous and the material goods flowing to other art lovers and museums for the publics enjoyment felt natural. My Grandfather’s taught me that the generosity of our hearts and minds is the possession of true value.

R.G.: You are continuing your family tradition of involvement and interest in ancient Greek culture and archaeology. How do you support them?

A.R.: I love Greece and am proud of my family history as benefactors of cultural projects. The way I personally support is by giving my time and presence to show my continued and great admiration.

R.G.: Now you are in Rome. As an expert and a lover of ancient art (especially Greek but maybe also Roman), do you think there is something we all can learn from them, a special approach to life, art, or politics?

A.R.: I am not an expert, but I have a great appreciation for the culture, history and beauty. I love experiencing ancient cities and experiencing all the beauty through my senses. I feel ancient art and culture remind us we are all connected in our humanity and universal desire for love, beauty and community.

R.G.: Do you wear perfume? Is there a fragrance that inspires you or takes you to some childhood or family memories?

A.R.: I love perfume and have lots of pretty fragrance bottles on my dressing table. I love the smell of Rose, orange blossom, and Jasmine. Roses always remind me of my grandparents. My grandfather David Rockefeller built my grandmother a rose garden in her name for the public, ‘The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden’ at the New York Botanical Gardens.

by Renata Gorreri

Make-up Claudia Ferri @claudiafertimakeup, hair Luisa Trotta @trottaparrucche
Talent’s Agency Select Model Management @selectmodelmilano
Fashion assistants Maria Elena Meloni, Carmen Palumbo
@mariaelenameloni_stylist , @carmenpalumbo__ Photography assistant Chiara Giardini @chiaragiardini, Hair styling assistant Francesca Romana Ribecco @_mynameisbob_hairlover_.
Location Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel.