Photography Erica Fava


The idea came from a day I spent doing portraits.

I invited eleven people (models and ordinary people) to pose for me wearing black clothes, very little make-up and, most of all, being themselves. That day led to thirty or so images that were intimate but extremely simple, wonderful material, but it seemed not yet to be fully developed.
When I’m not sure about my images, I usually print them on normal paper and look at their physical version. So I printed out the portraits and got some materials ready on the table to try destroying them so I could somehow bring them back to life.
Then came the crucial intervention of Susanna Bucci, who decided to spill coffee and water over the picture of Minette, then tore it up and put it back together again. When it dried, the image had taken on a new depth, exactly what I was looking for. In the course of a week I worked on the shots, always with Susanna’s help, then took the photos again once they were dry.
And that’s how I made “SCAN_OK”: a personal project with no client and no rules.
It was Susanna Bucci’s first artistic experience; she’s two years old and my daughter.



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