“Intimacy Journey” is a project, created by two Roman photographers, interested in the diversity of the cultural arena that inevitably affects the fashion fields. London creates a natural habitat for the springing of the variety of colours and languages, which in a unique way become almost universal.

In such a context it is principal to distinguish the individuality of one person. Starting from a single individual, our aim is to search the deeply hidden factors of the individual’s aesthetic, recreating a unique intimacy concealed inside a person.
Our base is the person, the person that extends beyound one human being and inadventently affects and integrates with people around.

Thinking of that, the project extends towards all the people engaged in this project. The result is an unconventionl sharing of experience that streches beyound the trends of two realities of Rome and London, but embraces the experience of the world as a whole.

Mia Le Journal embarks on the project dictating a style that extends far beyound the single cultural context, it becomes a meeting point between multiple “intimacies” that produce a universal language.


for Intimacy Journey

Photography Lisa Pepe & Valerio Vannicola

Styling Kim Latieule

Makeup&Hair MONNIE KAUR, Develop and Scan MARIO BERTIERI, cameraworklondon, Cre8studio
Story translation from italian by ANTONIO PUTINI, cameraworklondon, Cre8studio

“I walk unseen in a corridor of doors…
…words of chalk written on a black door…telling stories of a keyless night”“I silently climb wooden stairs without reaching the top…London light is grey water in which you drown…

…and an open door on top of those stairs…it is a cascade from which you cannot escape…”

Optic tank CHARLI COHEN, asymmetric peplum dress XIAO LI, nude mules A. ANDREASSEN

“Iron door, red bricks; quietly, slowly I close my eyes I hide my face, I do not drown, I swim ”

Ribbed knitwear top with front pocket J. JS LEE, stripped cotton shorts 2nd DAY

Bomber jacket NORSE PROJECTS, pink and cream patterned camisole EIGHT HOURS STUDIO,

wool jupe-culotte with front pleats J.JS LEE

“This story of the Wind is strange…
…It whispers, constantly, it tells you about scents, noises and rhythms lost in time…”

Wool jacket FILIPPA K, plain pink open back top EIGHT HOURS STUDIO,

laser legging CHARLI COHEN, caching boots STEVEN TAI

“Ten toothbrushes on a windowsill…
…A chorus of breaths exhaling the rare feeling of being at home…”

Wool belted short coat J. JS LEE, sport bra WEEKDAY, pink pajama trousers EIGHT HOURS STUDIO

“ I keep slipping on my steps and I feel like I am air in the wind

A drop in a river, a leaf on the trees ”

Vintage baseball jacket ROKIT, military-inspired round bra CHARLI COHEN,

graphic pleated skirt FILIPPA K, nude mules A. ANDREASSEN


Vintage sport bomber jacket ROKIT ; bootlace swimsuit bra CHARLI COHEN ; knitted jupe- culotte J. JS LEE ; sk8-hi sneakers VANS


“ Ava’s look of the day brought me back to my teen years, but with a contemporary touch. The combination of a jogger pant and Vans sneakers was quite unusual back in the days, but is quite common nowadays to mix different genres together.

It is also cute that is wearing a cat sweater, as I will learn after on set that she is very keen of them. Ava’s style reflects her personality on the day: effortless but chic, laid-back and fun. ”





Fish Island is located south of the Hertford Union canal and is so called for some of its streets names; Dace Road is one of them.

In 1865 the Imperial Gas Light and Coke company bought 30 acres of land but then they sold the site and the present network of streets was laid out and filled with small houses and multi-storey factories.
Until the late 1990’s the Island’s largest employer was Percy Dalton’s famous Peanut Company.

After a number of vacant properties Fish Island fell into disrepair, the council permitted their conversion to live\work loft apartments

– 56 DACE ROAD \ LONDON \ E3 2NQ \ UK –