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There are a lot of synonyms for the verb “To see”, from the latin form videre, that means to perceive external stimuli through the eyesight. As synonym of “To see” I like to use is “To observe”, from the latin observare, composed by ob- and servare or rather to conserve, to preserve, to keep. Some of us have learned to see over the surface of things, practicing the thin art of trespassing, sometimes we are able to sharpen our perceptive abilities and it usually happens when we are in love with someone, when something fascinate and thrills us. This is what I’m interested in, the intimate why of things, because if I don’t observe it, the world doesn’t exist and if it doesn’t observe me, I don’t exist. Esse est percipi. To be is to be perceived.

Alessandro Giallocosta


Welcome Mia Inspirational Trend View is a visual exploration, a macro remark that arises in order to answer to the tendencies inspired by the metamorphosis of the matter. A creative act generated by the direct observation of our reality, of the social-cultural contexts and all the deriving phenomena. A vision which tends to build a forecasting scenery. With a semiannual output, it defines the tendencies through the inspirational and informative photography besides the texts. The images taken from all the world, take a look to the intimate nature, to capture the true essence of the information from it, that will be synthesized, then, in concepts, colors, material, printings, sketches and textures.

Alessandro Giallocosta


We are pleased to introduce our first inspirational trend book, this first number is focused on the 2016 spring-summer season, with a selection of wonderful images that, we believe, can inspire your creative job and make the most out of it. This will be the first one of a series of journeys that will analyze original and hardly reachable places, going from civilized landscapes to wild areas. This issue takes us to Careyes, in Mexico. We are committed to providing to the reader an exclusive macro observation of plants and local culture to feed creative ideas for the years to come. In this special issue, extravagant exotic plants and flowers stand as guards at the entrance of this incredible hill of earthly delights; various vegetation, palm trees and luminous insects that hum around us, wild plants embrace lush trees, as if they were thin necklaces around a neck. Herbs shaken by the wind definitely catch our attention, mixed with bright and extravagant colors used in rare artifacts or decorating the local architecture. Careyes is an unknown destination, it’s a private land, so it’s inaccessible. The natural world is the dress of this extraordinary place mainly inhabited by sweet wild creatures, raccoons, lizards, squirrels. Its natural beauty is gathered to imagine the lush land of Mexico; the boldness of its color, the audacity of its form, the lavish emotion.

Alessandra Lanna & Alessandro Giallocosta

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