Alessandra Lanna Reworked Vintage is a label specialized in garments originally created between 1970-2000 and reintroducing them in a new form.

The work combines sustainable thinking with beautiful design and skilled tailoring to create high-end clothing.The fabric has a semi-finished look and feel, using a specific processing the first wash to enhance the natural beauty and then is completely re-tailored.
These techniques combine the best of contemporary and Italian tradition. The collections are composed of individual, one of-a-kind garments for the person who wants to be unique.
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Directing and Editing by Alessandro Giallocosta & Marco Perfetto. Starring Beatrice Simion. Creative Director Alessandra Lanna. Filming Marco Perfetto. Lighting Director Alessandro Giallocosta . Bag De Couture. Hair Trotta Parrucche Coiffeur. Thanks to Private Dwelling L’ Angolo Metallarte . Music ” Chase Down” Satelite Ensemble ” Highway to the Stars” Kai Engel. Filming using I-Phone 6. Copyright ©2016