M I A  I N S P I R A T I O N A L  T R E N D  V I E W A W 2 0 1 7

by Alessandra Lanna

Art director & forecasting ALESSANDRA LANNA, photography and text ALESSANDRO GIALLOCOSTA, post production LISA PEPE,

textile photography GIANMARCO DE PASCALIS, translation ALESSANDRO SANTILLI, contributing at this issue FEDERICA CASSANO


Mia Inspirational Trend View is a visual exploration that through macro photography, takes into account the aspects of organic and inorganic matter. A creative act that combines the experimental observation with the philosophical reflection. A vision that tends to build a forecast of semiannual scenery, with the intention of offering the user, inspirational inputs for research and for future trends. Through striking images, it wants to lead in the intimacy of the thing, capturing, and sometimes transforming, the essence of what stands behind it. Information which will be synthesized into concepts, colors, fabrics and textures. This autumn/winter 2017 issue, brings us to Ibiza Saline.