Retroplay is the name of an event that took place on May 30th at Retropose, a boutique brand of handbags on Via del Pellegrino, 60. This is one of Rome’s most suggestive streets, originally named Via Florea and later Via degli Oreficient (Goldsmiths’ Street), which continues to host a variety of artisanal shops and studios that carry on the tradition of quality and craftsmanship that distinguish “Made in Italy”.
The shop has a minimal décor that is studied in every detail to embody the spirit and DNA of the brand, a cross between old and new, between “hand-made” and an almost obsessive focus on design, modernity and everything in-between. All this is now in the process of evolving for the next Spring/Summer 2017 presentation.
Colors and the bags themselves will be the “stars” of the collection that will reflect a constant evolution of brand identity but this time with an emphasis that is more playful yet always true to the “vertebrate knot method” in leather working, the constant denominator of all the creative production of designers Giulia Mitarotonda and Federica Cremisini.
The hand-made method is the trademark and soul of a consolidated and precise approach found in each and every creation offered. And every creation has an authentic character that unites a forgotten craftsmanship with a romantic allure, one that is distinct yet both modern and fun.
The May 30th event included a set animated by a DJ as well as a selection of fine wines.
photography Danilo Falà
styling Federica Trotta
Makeup and hair Giorgia Ferraro
model Anju Abigail
styling assistant Sara Lecci, Maria Elena Meloni
photography assistant Gianmarco De Pascalis