Retourn of the nature

Livia Lazzari Voodoo Jewels

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The evocative location of the Roman Philharmonic Academy hosted, Compendium, the

exposure of the jewels of voodoo Livia Lazzari, young designers, with a strong

androgynous style that is also evident in its collections.The event, which has had great

success, trasported his guests in a mystical journey through staging postmodern,

intoxicated by a warm light and a melodic sound. A sort of limbo, which infused a variety

of different and conflicting emotions, a mixture of tension and serenity. ARCTIC, the new

collection spring­summer 2015, it feeds the essence of nature, in its simplest form. a

perfect mix of styles, tribal and gothic, a strong design and sharp against soft and elegant

lines.The jewelry, geometric in their fortuity, are inspired by the ice in its rigidity and

strength. Indistinguishable is their connection with the preparation, necklaces looking

rocky mingled with streaks of marble, rings resembling a hypnotic crystals, as touches of

light shone from black coal.

Precious materials but not in the labor force, the jewelry in silver and bronze, have been

transformed by the designer, as a sequence of shapes, lines and shapes. Suitable for all

types of women from more strong to the most elegant, to enhance its own nature.

Livia Lazzari brought us back to the very origin of matter.

Noemi Bocina


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