Photographer Donald Gjoka
Creative Project Director & Stylist Stefano Fepa

Scripture Viola Barbara

Make up & Hair Giulia Luciani
Model Saverio Assumma De Vita

Stylist Assistant Giuliana Antonini



I’m MA

M stands for Marie

A for Antoinette

I guess in a future time

or in a past revolution

they have cut or will cut my head


up to the moment

he’s mine, my favourite doll, my father has bought him for me.

I wanted one of the ‘not-smile generation’.

What do you want him to do?

Do you want him dancing for you?

(12 minutes dancing)

Did you like him?

Yes, he’s happy for the applause.

Yes I know, his dancing wasn’t sad at all.

But he’s not sad

I am sad

he can’t smile, but he’s not sad

I am sad.

Soon or late they have cut or will cut MA tete

my head.

It’s already written in all history magazines.

That red ribbon?

My History,

maybe blood

Take it as it was a smile

a smile

for my death.