A living trompe lʼoeil that winks at the touching glances and the clear and strong aesthetics of

the Mexican women from the indigenous community of Mazahua, identified with intense and

iconographic colors. This is the ideal scenario for San Andrés Milano woman to firmly move in

the next Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection.

The dresses made of cady and printed georgette dance to the rhythm of accordion and guitar

through the texture itself, embroidered with SWAROVSKI crystals, and thence take by hand the

elegant dresses with ruffles of feminine appeal, metaphorically evoking the wrinkles of an

entire life beating moments and feelings, dreams and illusions, fears and sufferings…

The “Mujer Mazahua” gratified by her deeply-rooted link with the aesthetics is enriched by a

feast of colors which strongly moves towards the Ethno-chic worlds close to the designer, who

stages his fuchsia pink and electric blue, emerald green and bright red and then turns the

gaze on the soothing worlds of black and beige before ending his imaginary journey with gold

and silver jacquard, made vibrant by the geometric design.

The must-have of this collection is the coat designed through an emotional dualism of wool

and mohair, with rich crystal detailing that grants the whole silhouette an immediate shine,

thoroughly embracing the fine prints of the collars in fox and mink which frame daring,

audacious, unwavering faces and expressions. Earrings crafted wit crystals

emphasize the importance of the accessory, by displaying an alternation of macro and micro

shapes which pave the way to the lace socks, in a sinuous design of ethics and aesthetics,

of fullness and emptiness, of appearance over the existence.

A real tribute to the extent of beauty, thus, to what the couturier Andrès Caballero wanted to

create in the new collection, offering a clear-cut ideal intended to last within a true and

authentic handcraft framework.

Direction & Casting by FROM STUDIO Music by FABIO SISTI Styling by FEDERICA TROTTA