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L’Homme, la Femme, l’Art, le Plaisir: the vision, both conceptual and formal, of the brand creative directors Andrea Ferolla and Daria Reina – a work and life couple – springs from here. After years of consultancy for primary institutions and international luxury brands from their Rome-based studio, they have developed a collection of limited edition exclusive accessories inspired by the chic décontracté lifestyle.


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After its official debut three years ago at Pitti Uomo, Chez Dédé keeps exploring new territories. Its distinctive and easy-going approach as fashion outsider has allowed the young luxury accessories Italian-French – but with an Italian heart – brand to quickly conquer a faithful international audience, bored by the luxury mainstream. Since its very beginning Chez Dédé has been able to win the attention of eminent international buyers, attracting in the process the endearing curiosity of journalists and bloggers alike.




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As of today they are bags, clutches and scarves – all strictly genderless – recently flanked by their first Tee-Collection. No lookbook to complete. Rather the desire to bring to life long-dreamed-of-and-never-found items. This is how the copious temporary capsule collections see the light (bracelets, pareos, pillows, limited edition items, little charming editorial products). They complete the Chez Dédé universe, where everything is inspired by a laid-back aesthetics and an informal and at the same time refined elegance, besides being accurately handcrafted and truly Made in Italy. All these elements define what could be called “la vision dédéiste”.



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We endorse a luxurious ethics and love ethical luxury. We choose to produce in Italy, with Italian artisans who hold in their hands the secrets of a craft that has been conveyed for generations. We choose vegetable-tanned leather and exquisite natural fabrics. We favor non-industrial techniques, even though this leads to longer production times, for we believe they give an essential warmth and uniqueness to each creation. We know that excellence never comes cheap nor out of mere chance. Here’s why we acknowledge the right credit and fee to every single member of the production chain. So that we may share not only duties but rights and professional dignity as well.. Our audience? We like to think about it as adult, self-conscious, aestheticizing, cosmopolitan and maybe a little blasé. Does it exist? It does. We found it in Tokyo as well as in Paris, on the beach in St. Barth, on the street in Berlin or overlooking the bay in Vancouver. Maybe because we abide by the honor code true made in Italy can’t betray. Maybe because our projects exude an idea of beauty that is already Luxury and at the same time, in our opinion, true Ethics as well.





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