Profumi D’Autore

 With Hearts and Stones the Roman Boutique Silvera celebrates the Australian artistic perfumery and

promotes the Italian talents hosting during AltaRoma the jewellery brand MIND in its space in Via di

Ripetta 122, Rome.


  A premiere for Italy, Map of the Heart is a new line of fragrances built on the idea of restless love

 created by the couple Sarah Blair (writer) and Jeffrey Darling (Film-maker). The packaging is by “His

 Majesty” Pierre Dinand and expresses the inner power of each fragrance, which is by Jacques Huclier.

 All these elements give to Silvera the chance to connect with MIND.

 The brand MIND was born in 2012 and is by the brothers Giorgio and Valerio Giglietti. It made unique

 pieces and little series of artistic jewelry putting together a contemporary aesthetic and the deep

 knowledge of craftsmanship and research.


 Two aspects of the same way of conceiving the creative process are expressed in Hearts and Stones:

 the one of the passion rooted within the spirit and the one of the substance that it forges to give a

 body to its feelings. Moving on the notes of a sound installation, a model will execute a performance

 that will bound perfume and jewellery. Two different realities will find the perfect balance precisely in

 being restless.