Cruelty and Splendour

Preview F/W 2015-2016 Collection

Photographer  Sara Lecci




The haute couture brand Greta Boldiniborns in Rome in November 2011 from the union of two young designers’ professional

background: Alexander Flagella and MichelaMusco. A project that takes life from the desire to offer a timeless look, a strong

woman, modern with retro allure, proud and regal but also fragile and nostalgic. This is Greta Boldini, on one side Greta Garbo, an

icon of international cinema expression of an elegant formal rigor, on the other side Giovanni Boldini, the great painter of parisian

Belle Époque. Two worlds intersect an exchange of creativity. Alexander and Michela, two artisticminds combine by the same

passion forbeauty, for the cultural-aesthetic tradition ofItalian history, for the attention to detail, decided tomerge and create Greta

Boldini. A carefulcraftsmanship, inspired by the 50s tailoring,carried out every day in their atelier in Rome, a”workshop” where

the dresses take shapefollowing all the stages of the “handmade”creative process.




An ascending climax that travels through a clear intent of choral nature intended and destined, secretly, to amaze,

the scenery through which it moves, determined, the woman of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2015-2016 of the Brand

Greta Boldini. The dualism is constant, moving on territories of cruelty and splendour; ferocity and rigor; instinct and

proportion; improvisation and equilibrium, almost up to leap back in time, an indefinite time of primitive evolution.

Clear, but whispered, the cultural elements, declined again through a meticulous study of the action and of the

approach of author, looking for, this time, to the disorderly and emotional Bacon’s study, who suddenly seems to

dance to the crazy rhythm of the sounds produced by the jazz musician Charles Mingus. Unusual, the key word of the

whole collection, easily traceable in the world of fabrics that propose a pure wool mohair worked as a fur that lives on

a strident patchwork of astrakhan, beaver, mink and kalgan; the rhythm increase on the furs, that combine the hearts

with sensual satin, creating an audacious and vibrant palette.





Romantic the lace of nylon, running on burnt fields of

technical wool and worsted, dry and virile looking. Protagonist, again, the embroidery, real constant claim of the

brand, which becomes more experimental if approached to couture embroidery, developing dense weaves of natural

stones, feathers and fragments of mirror, destined to deform the common aesthetic sense, just like a canvas of Bacon.

Must-have of the collection, the fur that brings the soul to a freedom view, to achieve energetic passions that lives,

perfect, on conscious and personal forces. The color palette seems moved by the wind, proposing a variety of worlds

that smile nervously to everybody and that moves from rust orange to land on prune that sips a touching pistachio; and

again, the shocking pink and the aqua green of the furs that accompany the sensitive beavercolor.




Black and ivory,

finally, dictate the law again, looking, proud, for the perfect graphic elements that animate the bodies more feminine,

traversed by a blue china proud and happy for the life. This is the collection that see the collaboration with VOODOO

JEWELS by Livia Lazzari accessories brand for a perfect mix of tribal disorder.

An “elective disorder”, therefore, in a game of mix and match between rebellion and freedom, that brings the Greta

Boldini woman, again and more firmly, to a distinction of elegant provocation.