Photographer Angelo Cricchi
Stylist Damien King

Make up & Hair Lindsey Martins
Model Piper America @Next Model
Fashion Assistant Calvin Haugen
Backstage Video Thy Tran
Producer Sylvia Sakellaridis


“Piper America has a surf rock band. The Atomics. They are three sisters and a brother. All beautiful.
Bruce Weber would fall in love with her. She naturally puts on tiny deer horns, and we go inside a lost restaurant, on the route 66, the iron Hog. At the entrance there’s a dissected Harley, in memory of Dennis Hopper, here he filmed Easy Rider.
Harley, desert, keruak, a tatooed and smiling barbiegirl, and a seventeen girl to photograph. I feel home.
Outside there’s 40 degrees. Route 66 going through California, becomes a kind of rithless desert interrupted by gas staion and endless trucks… Eyes assailed by wind, dust, and light, need some shadow. Once in, eyes have difficulties to get use to the dark. Some bikers playing billiard don’t even care for us. Just a beautiful, curvy, brunette waitress, follow us with her eyes, smiling shyly, and looking kind of courious for the horns of Piper America.

I take a couple of pictures. One on the billiard. Then we all drink tequila and we buy some t-shirt.

While we are going away, I notice the waitress staring at us, this groupe of strange people, going away forever by her saloon, by her life…
So i Just turn around, I go to her and I ask her: Can I make you a portrait?”.

                                                 Angelo Cricchi