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Make Up & Hair  Sandra Lovisco using Nee

Assistant Samantha del Vescovo

Translation Frederick Hawkins




Musings about intimacy

It is something that is a part of you, tender and profound, it’s inside you.

The thought of revealing it is frightening because it is the truest part and, as with every true part, one finds it difficult to describe openly and honestly.


 White top Mariù De Sica




I often encounter my intimate side because I like the solitude, being with myself, my thoughts, dedicated to myself,

understanding what I like and what I don’t…

…I love being with others, let’s be clear, but I have always been an introvert, aloof, maybe because I was shy… or simply because that’s my personality…




Thoughts about the new collection

It represents a change, an awareness of what I have done so far.

The past collections were paths to understanding what I wanted and where I wanted to go, defining my style, experimenting.

This one, after the Summer one, is an actual collection, complete, and to which I have also added accessories that allow you to better coordinate each look and play around with it.


Skirt and flower top Mariù De Sica




 The woman who I reference is the woman in the song “Carina” by Fred Buscaglione, it describes this girl’s character,

light-hearted but not frivolous, who loves to conquer being feminine,

but at the same time she is very confident.




The inspiration of this collection is tied to the 50s, but with simple and soft lines that recall the minimalism of the 90s,

which I adore, with its geometric structures.


Skirt and flower top Mariù De Sica




I wanted to use a lot of fabric, even six and half meters for a skirt, to express this femininity without excess,

strong but sober, sensual without screaming it or sexualizing it, subtler…

Between the lines…Like mine.




Blue skirt and white top Mariù De Sica




Her corner…




Blue skirt and white top Mariù De Sica, alll jewelry MVP creations


mriu ritocco


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