Photographer  Danilo Falà

Born in Genoa in 1970, he completed his studies at the Art Institute Paul Klee, working for architects and major Italian designers,

began his career as a Visual Merchandiser for the most prestigious Italian major department avant-garde store chain. Once in Rome t gained great exper to working with a famous Florentine designer,

and it is here that his career started. Sun he became boutique’s where director well known brand. After dhis experience takes beginning entrepreneur companies with Roman designer.

 But at the age of 43 years, his passion for fashion “made in Italy”, it allows they do return to the track as a manager of a store brand for man,

alongside a fashion designer, who involves him in his business, doing so resurface his creativity and the desire that characterizes it, devoting more time to his creations,

“accessories” for men and women, convertible idealistic or from simple functional use … Here it is ready with its line ” BLACK FUSION”,

for ‘ man the comfort and elegance of traveling or just for the gym, for the woman a bag, convertible in tu tree bags connective suitable for any occasion.

For both shoppers and small clutches to use the life or under jacket, rucksack box money, to bring in different solutions, to finish the synthesis of geometric solids,

with the “cube”. All materials, particularly leader and processes are strictly Italian. His MIND IS THE MADNESS, his mind is ART .

That’s who Maurizio Carrara