From 11/15 to 12/8 the innovative television

channel and the artist Nico Vascellari’s Factory co-produce a series of 22 events

hosted in the “Sala delle Armi” (ex Aula Bunker) in Rome. December 7 soirée

is dedicated to the fashion designer Fabio Quaranta.

Fabio is at ease in a so versatile environment, the exchange climate is the same

breathed in his Motelsalieri, more than a shop for men a meeting place for

culture lovers, which regularly hosts art exhibitions and live performances.

Cristiano Luciani live set, the improvised “sounds” of ROTADEFERO (ex

Concrete) and the video projections of Michele Manfellotto and Giorgio Orbi.

Everything inside Nico Vascellari’s installation, for which Fabio has created the

uniforms of CODALUNGA’s staff, speaks about the philosophy of the designer:

starting in the world of finance and passing through art has helped him found

himself in fashion. His understanding of clothes is in fact very different,

his goal is not to create only good looking clothes but high

quality pieces that are comfortable and wearable. He communicates this message

through his fashion shows and advertising campaigns in which he uses the most

various models proving how fashion should be first and foremost a means of

one’s being expression.

Martina Trozzi

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