Photographer: Roberta Krasnig
Stylist: Flavia Liberatori

Hair: Giovanna Segalina @Egoparrucchieri



“Intimacy is the thought that I only share with myself”, in this way Eleonora Carisi tells herself for Mia Le Journal, while the fresh water flows in the channels of Venice. Right on the Grand Canal overlooking the elegant room of the Westin Europa&Regina,

where fashion shots, that seem to be stolen, show us the most natural version of a true social icon. Eleonora Carisi infact,

not only is the founder of the blog ” Jou Jou Villeroy ” that has made her known to the fashion industry,

but she is also the creator of a boutique in the center of Turin and of her own fashion line. But in the midst of thin layers of pink chiffon, white broderie anglaise and high collars wool,

she shows herself in a more human version, less unattainable and forced by luxury and ostentation. In the precious venue of the city on the water, the soft light seems to tell a winter morning, one evening at sunset. You almost feel the humidity in the shade of a pearly gray and evanescent.

Picture after picture, we feel ourselves secret guests, silent observers, because the intimacy of a woman lies in small things, in daily gestures, not just when she is naked outside, but also when she is naked inside.

“Intimacy is the good luck bracelet. I wear on my wrist since this summer, that I received in Naples on a full moon night” says the fashion blogger and it is like she whispered.







“Intimacy is the thought I only share with myself”.

“Intimacy is the good luck bracelet, I wear on my wrist since this summer, I received in Naples on a full moon night”.

Eleonora Carisi