Musa - Mia le journal

Giacomo Guidi and BOA | Bunker of Arts are glad to present the MUSA

photo exhibition by Angelo Cricchi.

BOA, creative factory, born from the desire to express the strength of the

cultural and artistic versatility, presents Musa, transversal project of Angelo

Cricchi which melts cinema, art and fashion, created for “Mia Le Journal”.

The project aims to the actualization of the artist’s portrait, in vogue in 900’s

painting and photography, through the involvement of various personalities

from different creative fields. Musa, focuses on the meeting of nineteen

contemporary artists who opened the doors of their studies, granted as

location, to as many representatives from the world of entertainment.

Gorgeous women relate to the artists through the spaces and with their

moving, caught in the images taken by Cricchi, they speak and let the

artists’ studies talk, with the artworks that inhabit them.

Each of the women portrayed, uses its own language, deriving from their

being actresses, gymnasts or musicians and establishes a perfect dialectic

with the visual artist called into question. It’s about harmonic combinations

that seem to have been destined to happen, each of the women portrayed

looks, in fact, like a “muse” to the artist which relates. Fashion amplifies the

meaning of this dialogue, in the clothes worn by such exceptional models,

carefully selected from different stylists and created by some of the most

famous contemporary designers.

A project even included in a catalog, where, next to the images of the

“muses” there are also portraits of the artists, also immortalized by the

photographic eye of Cricchi, in addition to important and critical

contributions by transversal figures in the art world. Some shots are

published in the new issue, the second, of “Mia Le Journal”, presented in

Italy right on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition at the Gallery

Giacomo Guidi, after the London launch, which took place in June 2015,

with the special participation of the young revelation of international pop

music, Birdy.

Angelo Cricchi, photographer, always involved much in the fashion world as

in that of contemporary art, is also the creative director of the magazine.