150 sq.m of pure Beauty. On the 9th of June 2016, KIKO MILANO opened its new store on the first floor of the Oriocenter, the Orio al Serio shopping center in the province of Bergamo. Keywords: Sustainability, Smart Technology, Design and Social Community.

A modern mix of masterfully combined components by the world renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, celebrated for designs that are mindful of modernity and the physical and cultural context in which he works.

Works by celebrated architect Kuma have earned numerous international awards and have been published in the sector’s most renowned magazines. For KIKO, Kuma has designed an avant-garde project that represents the evolution of the uniqueness of KIKO stores, where large open and modern spaces have always been an important characteristic.

The architect was inspired by a strong sense of freedom and pureness that brought him, amongst other things, to decide on white, the colour that incorporates all other colours. Symbolically, white is just like KIKO, which has always embraced an incredibly vast variety of colours. Just think of the rich palette of shades for the make-up. KIKO is colour. KIKO is young, sexy, fun and unconventional. For this reason, Kuma wished to characterize the store with the word IRO featured on a column, the Japanese term for colour, but also sensuality, beauty and love.


The architecture of the new Orio store translates the brand’s philosophy into architectural elements and noteworthy designs. Kuma states: “I wanted visitors to the store to be involved and to fully experience the playful KIKO spirit, which is open yet sophisticated at the same time. ”

The decorative elements emphasize the character of the store: the KK monogram, for example, has been used to characterize the interiors and to create an elegant design that makes the ceiling stand out. Attention to detail, but also to the environment, technology and the social community. See below for additional information on these novelties to better understand each aspect.





Within the store, it will be possible to have access to a multitude of iPads provided with an ad hoc application, which will offer suggestions to identify the product best suited to your individual requirements and to create different types of make-up looks. The store will be provided with smart technology, intended to improve the experience of those who are passionate about the brand. KIKO has also dedicated a social area inside the store to these individuals. Real and virtual come together for the sharing of looks and much more.



The store has been designed according to the principles of sustainability and the necessary requirements to obtain the LEED certification, the international recognition reserved to the most virtuous of eco-friendly buildings. Celebrated architect Kuma comments: “KIKO attempts to go beyond the traditional ambient for cosmetics. It is a huge challenge and I wanted to illustrate this great push towards modernity in my project for the store.”

Instruments that optimize energy efficiency: where possible, the use of materials that have a high content of recycled materials, attention to the impact on individuals and advantages for those who work in the store. All of this is the new KIKO store concept.