“Intimacy Journey” is a project, created by two Roman photographers, interested in the diversity of the cultural arena that inevitably affects the fashion fields. London creates a natural habitat for the springing of the variety of colours and languages, which in a unique way become almost universal.

In such a context it is principal to distinguish the individuality of one person. Starting from a single individual, our aim is to search the deeply hidden factors of the individual’s aesthetic, recreating a unique intimacy concealed inside a person.
Our base is the person, the person that extends beyound one human being and inadventently affects and integrates with people around.

Thinking of that, the project extends towards all the people engaged in this project. The result is an unconventionl sharing of experience that streches beyound the trends of two realities of Rome and London, but embraces the experience of the world as a whole.

Mia Le Journal embarks on the project dictating a style that extends far beyound the single cultural context, it becomes a meeting point between multiple “intimacies” that produce a universal language.


Photo and Video  Lisa Pepe & Valerio Vannicola

Starring Jessie from premiere model management

Styling Kim Latieule

Make-up, hair and nails Monnie Kaur using

L’Oréal Hair products for Hair styling

NARS for Make-up

Develop and Scan Modern Lab

Music by Ugo Garlanda

Words from Amanda Rosso



” I come from a place where rooftops are not ‘the thing’.

Rooftops are mainly other flat’s roofs, we can sit and sip, drink and smoke, but we’re as loud as the silence around allows. 

We have a park, but it’s not one of the fancy ones, famous ones, fabulous ones. 

Blankets, picnics, walking dogs early in the morning, skateboards rhythmically rolling.

Canada Water, the library smiling at the stagnant mirror, 

Narcissus made of concrete and glass, 

its belly full of books and words, shelves and stairs, steps and laughter. 

It’s mainly about soul, really. And neighbourhood. 

Waving at people while watering the peonies you’re really, really hoping to keep alive until your mum visit for Christmas. 

Running to catch the 1 to Tottenham Court Road, but not too much, 

maybe only walking a little bit faster, checking the time, smiling at no one and everybody, 

tired faces, school packs, fish and chips and take away cups.

“Thank you driver” and “Bless you”, so many accents you’ve lost count.

I come from a place where estates dance with rattling trains, 

silent commuters with their Metro and Evening Standards,

nodding, yawning, chatting,

kids and bicycles,

the chicken shop in the afternoon, gathering on the second floor of a double decker bus

like a choir, a football team, a rock band.

The rhythms, you certainly recognise, the stories, selfies, a “Shut up!” here and there.

Overhearing lives like they were yours,

forgetting where you’re going, missing your stop,

there’s still so much you need to know.

Clothing hanging in the freezing morning, your cats sneaking around, munching on leftovers.

Nobody comes in my neighbourhood with a selfie stick. 

But I can see scaffoldings raging, the landscape shifting, 

old neighbours leaving.

The docks, sinuous, silent, teeming with muddy waters and halting seagulls,

suddenly crowded, bursting with happy hours and aperitivo.

I come from a place where you can’t find the sea,

but for a second, in the stillness of the sunrise, 

snoozing alarms, 

cheating the clock,

twisting limbs under floral sheets,

I can pretend. “






Sportswear Tracksuit Jacket VINTAGE,  Rib Short Sleeve Polo KING & TUCKFIELD, Flower Crepe Dress MARKUS LUPFER, Classic Suede Sneakers PUMA




Flower Summer Coat FUN AFFAIR,  Sleeveless Flower Jacquard Top MARKUS LUPFER



Brocade with Brooches Top ALISTAIR JAMES, Silk Wide Leg Jogger SERENA BUTE,  Fluffy Slides IRREGULAR CHOICE



Black Net with Patches Dress LONGSHAW WARD, Ivory Floral Blouse MARKUS LUPFER,  Sleeveless Flower Jacquard Top MARKUS LUPFER, Wide Leg Check Shorts with Tied Up Belt BELIZE, Sport Socks MUJI,  Unicorn Slip-on Sneakers IRREGULAR CHOICE 



Football Jersay Shirt VINTAGE,  Rainbow Skirt BOO PALA, Sport Socks MUJI, Classic Suede Sneakers PUMA



Graffiti Unisex Jumper MARY BENSON,  Glittery Multicolor Stripe Dress WTR,  Sport Socks MUJI, Classic Suede Sneakers PUMA  



Black Neon Stitching Crop Top with Belt LONGSHAW WARD, Ivory Flora Blouse with Black Pipping Detail MARKUS LUPFER, Bleach Denim Tie Skirt KING & TUCKFIELD,  Rainbow Slides IRREGULAR CHOICE



on the left, Blue Net Over Neoprene Dress LONGSHAW WARD, Embroidered Crop Top BOO PALA

on the right, Polo Zip Crop Top DB BERDAN, Silk Abstract Dress LUKE ANTONY ROONEY, Socks JOHN LEWIS, Classic Suede Sneakers PUMA



” Jessie has a quirky yet cool sense of fashion. Her personal style is a reflection of her love of rap, street style with a twist of drama influenced by her love for singing, dancing and acting!

The hair & makeup looks I created were a reflection of this.

From statement bold eyes embellished with sequins and beads to a va va voom vivid blue & silver glittery eyes, playful & fun! 

The hair was giving two looks from a understated undone natural hair look very like how she wears it naturally to a disconnected fun top knot, something more structured but slightly off from being the “typical”. 

Jessie stands out from the crowd so the boldness of color in her makeup with the combination of hair\clothes styling was a perfect fit for this talented 17 years old. Definitely a model & actress to watch for the future! ”