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We left Sethu and Jiz in December with the release of their single “Triste Vederti Felice,” a piece

we can describe as very intimate and nostalgic, dedicated to their hometown of Savona.

To recap, 2023 has been an incredible and fulfilling year for both artists, largely due to their

participation in the Sanremo Festival, which introduced them to a wider audience. However, few know

the story of Sethu and Jiz, so let’s take a step further back: Marco (Sethu) and Giorgio De Lauri (Jiz)

were born in the Ligurian city in 1997 and grew up in a family where music was ever-present, later

becoming passionate about Ligurian punk/rap, which inspired their early work. Sethu is the voice, and

Jiz the producer of all their pieces.



Blazer DROMe, top HG\LF



The lyrics by Sethu and the musical production by Jiz reflect a melancholic, raw, candid, and very

personal world, exemplified by their latest single where unease and images of melancholy are


Sethu and Jiz complement each other, creating a musical genre free from labels, showcasing a

unique and sophisticated style.

They will return in April with a new single and the release of their first album, embarking on a new

journey after last year’s EP “Cause Perse.”

Marco and Jiz are twin brothers who followed the same path despite having very different and

complementary personalities: a love for manga, Metallica, creativity, and cooking.


left – Jacket 1989 STUDIO, shirt  and tie DOLCE & GABBANA, trousers ANNAKIKI, jewelry DEFAÏENCE

right – Shirt SANDRO, trousers HG\LF, boots SONORA BOOTS



  • Hi Sethu, could you tell us who Jiz is, and you, Jiz, could you tell us who

Sethu is?

S –  Jiz is the most talented person I know, one of my inspirations, and what I love most in life.

J –  Marco is one of the most sensitive people I know, I owe everything to him, and even in my darkest

moments, he’s always encouraged me to keep going and believe in myself. More than half of the

good things that have happened to me have been solely because of him.

  •  How and when did you decide you wanted to make music?

S –  We decided quite instinctively to make music. Our dad always made us watch a videotape of a

Pink Floyd live show, and that pushed us to start playing the guitar and from there, everything started.

Damn Pink Floyd, we didn’t become doctors because of you.

J –  That Pink Floyd videotape was definitely the first step. As soon as we started playing our first

instruments, we realized it would be something that, for better or worse, would be part of us.

  • How has your musical background influenced your desire to leave Savona?

S –  Savona, as I’ve always said, is a very underground, very raw city. There’s a strong tradition of

hardcore rap and punk. We are mega fans of that stuff, but without making it our limit. I’ve always

been the guy who admired Justin Bieber Sfera Ebbasat and DPG, but also DSA Commando or Klasse

Kriminale. It might seem like a contradiction within me, yet it always pushes me to look a bit beyond.

  • Being twins and the same age, you grew up listening to the same music, but

are there artists or bands that you detested, or still detest, from the other?

S –  We have practically identical tastes, but I was particularly a fan of Guns’n’Roses, and Jiz of

Metallica, so we had this feud. Which, to tell the truth, was resolved with my conversion to Metallica.

J –  I confirm. I got into Metallica with Guitar Hero and hated the fact that my brother liked Slash.

  • Marco, can you describe Giorgio in a few words, and Giorgio, could you do

the same?

S –  Genius and Procrastinator

J –  Ambitious, Sensitive, and Emotional



left – SETHU wears jacket 1989 STUDIO, shirt  and tie DOLCE & GABBANA, trousers ANNAKIKI, jewelry DEFAÏENCE, shoes MARSÈLL

JIZ wears shirt and shorts MARCO RAMBLADI, boots SONORA BOOTS

right – Top DOLCE & GABBANA


left – Total look MSGMnecklace GIO MARRAZZO

right – Sweater SANDRO, trousers HG\LF



  • Have you recently been to an exhibition that you liked and came out with


S –  To be honest, we haven’t been to many exhibitions. We need to improve. In recent months, we’ve

locked ourselves in the studio to shape what will be my first real album. You can imagine that at this

moment I’m not thinking about anything else.

J –  For now, I’m just spending many hours at the PC looking at various images and producing,

producing, producing.

  •  Is there any clothing item you steal from each other, if so, why?

J –  I don’t have many clothes of my own that I like at the moment, but in general, in the last 5 years,

I’ve always lived by wearing what my brother buys, who I must say has good taste.

S –  Jiz steals everything from me, he hasn’t bought a piece of clothing in 5 years. My entire wardrobe

is also his, practically I’m his personal stylist.

  • Besides music, what are your passions?

S –  Anime and cooking. I absolutely love to cook and spend all my money eating out, trying what

others have cooked.

J –  I’m really into watching anime, and I’ve caught up on quite a few movies lately. Often, I find myself

randomly playing the guitar to clear my mind.


left – SETHU wears trousers FENDI, necklace GIO MARRAZZO, rings and bracelet DEFAÏENCE

JIZ wears top FENDI

right – Total looks FENDI, necklace GIO MARRAZZO, rings and bracelet DEFAÏENCE



left – Coat FLORANIA, shirt MSGM

right –  Total look SANDRO

left – Total looks DOLCE & GABBANA

right – Total look FENDI,  jewels DEFAÏENCE



  • What are your plans for tomorrow?

S+J –  We’ll put off until tomorrow what we were supposed to do yesterday.

  • Could you share a line from one of your songs that represents you the most?

S+J –  We have lyrics like “fear of looking back, fear of looking forward” or “if you chase what you want,

you no longer see what you have,” both from the song “Solo tu.” But also, in our new album, I’ve put

so much heart, and the lyrics tell the story.

These reflections and quotes capture the essence of their artistic journey and personal philosophies,

blending their passions and daily lives with their creative work, illustrating the multifaceted nature of

being an artist today.


left – Total look ANNAKIKI

right – Total looks DOLCE & GABBANA






Photography assistant MARCO FORNASIERO