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 Opening Ludovica Amati 06 Ludovica Amati Michael Schermi e Regina Orioli

The designers Ludovica Amati, recognized as one of the new talents of international Fashion, opened her own studio-gallery in Rome in Via Giulia where the Renaissance originated, in the area of galleries, churches and craft workshops. In the heart of Rome full of artistic and cultural meaning, her atelier confirms her vocation of inspired creativity and invention of clothes and accessories, the bags made in collaboration with Alessandro Di Cola, as talismans.

Opening Ludovica Amati 01 Yvonne Scio

A studio that hold the world and the history of the designer, the inspiration and the research that Ludovica finds worldwide: ideas, fabrics, antique embroidery and documents from other cultures become part of her world. An inspired code to enhance the femininity of the body with the cuts that move dancer’s long dresses, silks and velvets for contemporary kimonos with precious linings printed with archaic letters. 

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Fashion for Ludovica Amati is a means to communicate with others. Passionate in her desire to talk to others to tell what she saw on her travels that took her since a veryyoung age in distant places to search that truth that is instead really close because it is within us. Rome is her city, and follows the opening of Ibiza, creating an ideal bridge over which make pass stories and artistic collaborations so as to make the collections of Ludovica Amati as actual chapters of the biography of a contemporary icon. 

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The atelier wants to represent a relation point where also set up cultural events, thanks to the position that in addition to the entrance on Via Giulia it has a beautiful interior courtyard. At the opening of the atelier intervened: Beatrice Bulgari, Jacaranda Caracciolo, Natalie Sartogo, Elica Sartogo, Soraya Malek, Nathalie Rapti Gomez, Regina Orioli, Yvonne Sciò, Michael Schermi, Martina Codecasa, Emilia Verginelli, Silvia di Paolo, Flaminia Orsini, Raffaela Sciarretta, Federica Bachiddu, Cinzia Malvini, Barbara Modesti, Francesca Rizzo Campello, Lupo Lanzara.

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    VIA GIULIA 94, 95 – Rome