The research behind “Diaries from the Daedalus”, to which these two works belong, is a long season of twilight in my path. It’s not a finished one, but for sure, today, blurred and fluctuating. I believe in the dark that moves, I find it a safe place, often far from dangers: here my most painful and pure feelings shine with wonder and cruelty. Macchine del Cuore Penitente are two fundamental chapters of this research, they explore the most impervious side of love and collect its fragments and sediments.

The empty hours, the letters you’ve never sent or you’ve withdrawn, loneliness and anger, memories, the transfiguration of the feelings, the lost words, the inflicted and received wounds: every splinter reassembles in the attempt to regain an image of love, ornate and crowned this time.

These works, at the end of the day, are two imaginary places, since they have the task of welcoming and treasure my past; Macchine del Cuore Penitente watch over and tell a story which turns out to be different meeting after meeting; inside this story every element plays an ambivalent, secret and sometimes lethal role. It’s a bench on which the remains of a tribute are arranged, each one of them shows the signs of what it has been through. Colour, shape and taste of the original offer are then irreversibly disfigured.

Zaelia Bishop