Photography ELLEN ROGERS



I am trying to find you. I’m searching in the black foam and the fog. I see no other way to that place, to you. I saw you in a dream recently. I knew instantly that I will be with you one day, somehow, together. I hope I can return there again. Actually, no, I need to find that place. To right my wrongs; it’s a punishment we’ll serve it together, when we’re together. I can feel a reality slipping away from me with a drive replacing it, a desire. Where our problems are worked out, our worries are confirmed and our doubts made corporeal. Real worries walk and see, worries live. Deformed cataracts make me see you; contorted ideas, in flesh and fog meet me. There, where we meet, even your taunts leave me smiling. You are there now. I will get there too, I will be with you. There, where the curlews call and the forest silences are broken.

Ellen Rogers