Le conseguenze della bellezza


Four rooms and four women to deal with love and pain, death and rebirth. A path that hybridizes sculpture, sartorial experience, rewriting and acting. A following of eternal and elusive love through the centuries, in its infinite incarnations followed by as many forms of language and medium. The hidden character behind each great woman of this path: from Salome, Sappho, Laura Palmer to Effy Stonem is Aphrodite. She is the goddess born from the foam of the sea. She is immortal in her ability to arouse all ranges of passion. A strong and determinate women who enhances beauty and character, resilience and courage.

A project by Rossano Giuppa

with Giulia Gallo and Lou Duca

Video Director Federico Papagna, performance Director Rossano Giuppa, text selection and rewriting Cristian Pandolfino, photography Giovanni Peyrone, costumes  Wilma Silvestri, sculpture Lou Duca, jewels Marco De Luca, soundtrack Cyma, production Carlotta Cerulli, Wilma Silvestri, Rossano Giuppa.