A new wind is blowing. It’s time for transformation, for discovering new levels of identity and new meanings, for changing perspective while looking at what is familiar and well known.

REDValentino takes up the challenge and embraces the Spring/Summer 2021 season with a new attitude: free, independent, a bit radical.

REDValentino hits the streets, takes some risks, experiences a new bravery. The attitude gets a tad fierce, irreverent, fearless. The brand’s aesthetic and stylistic codes remain the same, but they are exaggerated, blown up.

The “so RED” bows, ruffles and flounces find new proportions, new contexts, new pairings. They loose their familiar delicacy to become eye-catching symbols of a rediscovered independent femininity.

Silhouettes and lengths are reconsidered for a new look, which exudes street realness.

Ruffles punctuate mini nylon frocks, the classic eyelet is magnified on breezy dresses, point d’esprit tulle is matched with cotton t-shirts and oversized sweatshirts.

Outerwear pieces with a technical look counterbalanced the ethereal femininity of tulle flounced designs, while oversized ruffles add a couture-like touch to jersey tops.

Denim is manipulated to shape eye-catching attires with a customized,artisanal and very personal attitude.

The restrained, concise palette of black, white and powder pink also welcomes vibrant touch of neon orange and acid green.

The ultra softness of the “Knot Me Up!”, a nylon shoulder strap embellished with a maxi bow detail, contrasts with the urban graphic look of the platform sandals featuring a puffy strap or a signature bow.

“I think this season, it was really time to bring REDValentino into the street, exploring a new sense of authenticity and independency,” says the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. “I wanted to show a new, disruptive take on the brand’s signature aesthetic codes, delivering a wardrobe for cool, free, independent girls.”