Haute Couture S/S 2015

Sound LUCE 90


 Dedicated to Pamela Des Barres, the first legendary groupie who became famous in

 the 70’s for being both Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page’s lover, but also for creating the

 brand Groupie Couture and being a writer and a painter.





Luigi Borbone finds inspiration in Pamela to create this passionate couture collection.

A refined elegance that recalls the hippy and groupie style going against formalism,

using bullfighter jackets as mystical and clerical decorations.




The eclectic inspiration generates informal luxury, where the items are made of

precious materials like georgette ,crepe de chine and silk cady, made in the most

representative of Made in Italy factories, Tessitura Attilio Imperiali. The best Italian

craftsmanship, for a woman who wears High Couture in a contemporary taste, thanks

to the modern technology used by Transfermania International for the embroideries.

The chosen colours for the palette are white, red and black, recalling René Gruau’s

graphics, resembling the colours of a bullfight or a procession. The new palazzo pants

are a silk tracksuit with essential graphics, like flags on sports outfits, enhanced with

Swarovski crystals in 6 different colours.




An evolution that started in the Roman couture tradition of the 50s and still makes us

talk about it these days. An uncombed, yet careful look , a classy transgression, a new

body in a new dimension of precious that it still believable.