The first prototype of lens, LOUPE.

LOUPE laboratories

“Handmade Magnificence”

A journey that starts in Ancient Greece through the Renaissance, through time until the present

day, in Italy, where, it is said, the first pair of glasses were conceived.

A magical tool that reveals the wonder that lies behind each detail amplifying its strengths, outlining

profiles, rediscovering the essence.

Loupe has a new vision that draws inspiratrion from the past: the incredible story of optical science

acquired over the centuries by the excellence of Italian craftsmanship is now reflected in a cutting-
edge product, elegant and modern.

The lens, designed as a small magnifying tool, the invention of which is lost in the mists of time:

Because only by turning our gaze toward the origins can we find the way of the future.



The vision

Loupe was founded by Domenico Cartolano and Giovanni Ferrari , an engineer and an architect,

passionate creators, ambitious developers, designers and lovers of details.

Loupe is a magnifying glass which defines details, with the wonder of a child who observes a larger

object: this emotion gives way to realization, that turns into an instrument which allows you to

inspect places otherwise inaccessible to the naked eye.

The reflection is clear: shapes contaminated by art.


01 loupe


From design to production

The lines meet up on a white sheet of paper to give shape to a project, in the center the lens, set

like a jewel, in a glasses frame created by craftsmen that blend and mix colors and materials, so

that we can imagine what our designers are creating and drawing, capable of transforming the idea

into reality with passion, attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.

Loupe comes to life thanks to a number of overlapping gestures that run across the surface to

reveal a pure form.




The idea.

People are at the heart of the creative process, the appearance of their faces and the colors of

their ideas, the creation of a product that invokes the pure Italian style.

Whoever wears Loupe, evokes the originality of the design, attention to detail, the study of profiles

and face shapes and shows off the production of glasses that dress up your personality, ambitions

and every day hopes.

Loupe is aimed at those who give themselves time, are capable of wonder, aware of their choices,

distinguishing the original from the mundane, uniqueness from the mainstream.




The Italian Magnificence

Loupe is strictly made in Italy with Italian materials, crafted by experts that use precision

technology to make luxury production in traditional workshops where the art of producing glass by

hand has been passed down from craftsman to craftsman for decades.

A thorough search to find the materials is carried out during all stages of creation, focusing its

attention on quality, flexibility, endurance and comfort.

More than 40 steps are needed to handemake Loupe, and the end result shows off the magic of

Made in Italy.

Loupe is the design, the ‘craftsmanship, and Italian craftsmanship, inspired by centuries of art and

architecture, from projects that have revolutionized the history of design.


loupe 05